The Brevet Group

Digitize Your Sales Enablement

The Brevet Group connects corporate strategy to front-line sales execution. Our insight, experience, and obsession with rapid activation of our sales consulting and training solutions generates results.

Leveraging the Showpad digital sales platform, we empower sales teams to deliver impactful customer conversations and experiences.

As an exclusive Showpad sales effectiveness partner, we implement smarter sales enablement platforms that includes tailored content, messaging, training, and compensation.

We're also building modern sales playbooks using Showpad. Our unique approach has unlocked the code to playbook adoption in many companies. We're partnering to design and launch digital playbooks that help reps pivot through the modern sales motion. Learn more here.

Showpad provides the technical platform and Brevet addresses the content, people, and process-related needs. The right technology combined with effective strategy and implementation means you maximize your training and enablement investments.

Digital Sales Enablement and Playbooks:

  •  Guide sellers on winning sales plays
  • Certify new reps and launch messaging 
  • Enable an adaptive sales process
  • Create the one-stop content source for sellers
  • Deliver transformational sales training
  • Support quality sales coaching
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