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Sales Leader's First 90 Days

The average tenure of a Sales VP is startlingly brief – only 18 months, according to CSO Insights. This has huge implications on an organization’s ability to drive consistent, sustainable growth.

Our goal is to help you beat this statistic – establishing a long and productive journey in your new role. This comprehensive guide provides:

  • A set of key actions and decisions for new sales leaders – before day 1, the first 30 days, days 30-60, and days 60-90

  • 6 common sales leader “transition traps” to avoid

  • Supporting tools and frameworks to help you learn the organization; prioritize actions, decisions, and early wins; and establish a longer-term strategy roadmap

  • Three case studies featuring sales leaders in their first 90 days, including the challenges and lessons learned

Sales Leader - 90 Days eBook

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