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First 90 Days: Toolbox for New Sales Leaders

As a new sales leader, the first 90 days are critical to setting a foundation for success. This window of time is about more than just getting to know the business and sales motions.

Instead, it’s a time to drive real change. Find out what’s working quickly. Knock out the quick wins early. Then, set and communicate a long-term strategy.

This Toolbox is designed for new sales leaders and provides resources and guides to get the first 90 days right:

  • Before day 1: onboarding objectives and what you need to know as you prepare
  • Days 1-30: identifying and setting an action plan for early wins
  • Days 31-60: developing a long-term strategy and how you will define success
  • Days 61-90: aligning the sales organization on the path forward
Sales Leader Toolkit

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